Muthead Podcast: Is EA listening to the community?


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Each episode will keep you up to date with the latest MUT news, items, and promotions, but will also feature insights and tips from Madden community leaders. In this episode, Kraelo (EA's Community Manager for Madden) stops by to talk about his role and the impact of the community on the game. We go over how to get your voice heard, why some obvious changes take so long to get implemented, and much more!

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  • 1:15 - Title Update Review: How much of an impact did the Madden community have on this patch?
  • 9:15 - What can the EA teams do to balance animations? Is tech the biggest limitation to bringing authenticity to the game?
  • 16:30 - What are some solutions to certain offensive formations and plays being over-used? Does EA measure which plays are most popular and are they working on implementing buff or nerfs to balance the game?
  • 24:30 - Why is there so much secrecy around thresholds? What limitations are there that keep EA from publishing threshold data?
  • 32:30 - Why are traits not published in-game?
  • 34:30 - As the community manager, where does Kraelo check for feedback and what is the process like for getting suggestions from idea to implementation?
  • 38:00 - How big of a role does the community play in changing and impacting future promotions and programs?
  • 45:11 - When does TOTY come out? How can people stay up-to-date with future promotions?
  • 48:20 - If you have suggestions and ideas for EA, what is the best way to make sure your voice is getting heard?
  • 1:00:01 - What’s the real reason behind the anger at the lack of a Ghosts program? How is EA addressing that anger and trying to improve their communication with the public?
  • 1:09:15 - Power-ups… what’s the deal with the inconsistent releases?
  • 1:14:00 - Does EA hate Le’Veon Bell? Will he have a TOTY item?
  • 1:18:00 - Are the NFL Playoffs items (Myles Jack and Ted Ginn Jr.) worth getting in MUT or do they fall short in key ratings?

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