Muthead Podcast: Boogz on competitive Madden, thresholds, and much more

We’re really excited to share our conversation with Boogz, who is one of the best competitive Madden players in the world. Boogz has been competing at the highest level since 2005, and each year finds himself on some of the biggest stages that EA has to offer.


Each episode of the Muthead Podcast will keep you up to date with the latest MUT news, items, and promotions, but will also feature insights and tips from Madden community leaders. In this week’s episode, Boogz shares a lot of valuable information on how to take your game to the next level and compete with the best of the best.


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The Muthead Question of the Week is, “How can EA improve the Madden 18 thresholds system?”


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Show Notes

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0:00:27 - Muthead Question of the Week

0:11:03 - What does the ideal game mode look like?

0:12:00 - Should EA create a mode specifically for qualifying for tournaments?

0:16:00 - Is the 91 ZCV reducing the skill gap between casual players and competitive tournament players… or is it doing the opposite?

0:21:00 - Do animations ruin the user experience?

0:24:12 - Boogz gives tips for taking your game from casual to competitive.

0:28:24 - How close to the vest do competitive players keep their best plays?

0:31:00 - Boogz is launching a website on December 15th called Tuff eSports. He tells us about his new site and his goals for it.

0:33:45 - Our thoughts on TOTW 13 and the overall state of the Team of the Week program.

0:37:20 - Is Madden 18 “scheme over team” or have thresholds made it too hard to play at a high level without the best players in the game?

0:41:00 - Suggestions for EA on how to improve chemistries.

0:44:15 - Eric Weddle vs TOTW Eric Weddle vs Ed Reed. Boogz lets us know which player is best.

0:51:00 - Do competitive players look at one particular rating for each position, or are they evaluating the card as a whole, by OVR, or something else?

0:54:00 - Does releasing your offensive scheme on hurt your chances of winning a tournament because of the scouting that your opponents are now able to do?

0:58:00 - What makes Gun Bunch so good? Why are so many of the best Madden players running that formation specifically?

1:01:00 - Is it better to run a small set of plays over and over again, or is it better for new players to focus on variety in order to understand how all the different formations work?

1:06:00 - How do you practice your plays to make sure they’ll work against the top players in the world?

1:11:00 - Suggestions on how EA can get more people involved in the competitive eSports scene.

1:14:00 - Crazy ideas for competitive Madden.

1:20:00 - Why don’t Dubby, Skimbo, and Boogz all use the same playbook even though they’re all running Gun Bunch?

1:25:00 - Should “Previous Play” be in the game?

1:30:00 - How to use “Previous Play” as a learning tool.

1:35:00 - Final thoughts and a reminder to answer the Muthead Question of the Week using #MHPodcast for your chance to win a Muthead T-shirt and a Grazy Life shirt courtesy of Muthead and Boogz.


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