Muthead Podcast: ZAN and ChewbaccaLemma on the state of MUT

I’m really excited to bring you the second episode of the Muthead Podcast today. You can listen to the episode above simply by hitting play, or you can subscribe to us on iTunes and listen on the go.


Each episode of the Muthead Podcast will keep you up to date with the latest MUT news, items, and promotions, but will also feature insights and tips from Madden community leaders. This week’s episode features ZAN, who you probably know from his weekly Muthead article called ZAN’s Corner and his weekly show on the homepage of Twitch called ZAN’s Lab.


ZAN is a competitive Madden player who has a passion for coaching. His show is focused on breaking down complex football concepts and teaching you how to implement them into your Madden gameplay strategy. We had a great conversation and I think you’ll find his ideas both fascinating and informative.


This week’s Muthead Question of the Week is, “If you could change one thing about Madden Ultimate Team, what would you change?”


Tweet us your answers @muthead and use the #mutheadQ so that we can find your answer!

Show Notes

Quick Links


  • [1:35] How does the meta get formed and is it a smarter strategy to go with the flow or swim against the current?
  • [2:10] What happens if you you copy the exact strategy of pro players like Skimbo and Problem?
  • [4:20] What are some ways to keep your offense and defense strategies from feeling stale?
  • [7:45] How pro players drastically affect the game after every patch.
  • [10:15] Should patches come out more often, even if they’re smaller with less dramatic changes?
  • [12:00] The Madden Blitz Promotion: Was it worth the grind for #nomoneyspent players?
  • [16:20] The Legends lineup this year is already really impressive. We speculate about what could be coming later in the Madden season.
  • [18:50] Is SPD the most important rating in Ultimate Team? If not, which ratings make the biggest in-game difference?
  • [25:09] Is the new Barry Church, which only 84 SPD, a viable option for you on defense in MUT?
  • [29:50] TOTW 12: Our thoughts on the offense and defense Masters and why TOTW might need to be reworked.
  • [37:30] Muthead Question of the Week: If you could change one thing about Madden Ultimate Team, what would you change?
  • [47:00] What can EA do to make tournaments more accessible to players?
  • [52:00] Are there too many game modes? Should it be possible to build a great team simply by playing the game and not having to worry about learning the Auction House or buying packs?
  • [1:01:20] ZAN’s Lab breakdown: What you can expect to learn in every episode.
  • [1:06:20] Do Madden concepts work in real football games? Is it possible a Madden player or eSports coach could get hired for a coaching position at the professional level?

Quick Note: I incorrectly say the link to ZAN’s Lab multiple times throughout the show. You’ll hear me say “” when the actual link is


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