MUT 18 GOATs Expansion Overview


Today EA released an expansion to the GOATs program in Madden Ultimate Team. There are 3 new Holiday GOATs (Calvin Johnson, Michael Strahan, and Franco Harris), and you can now upgrade all GOATs to a 90 OVR version through sets. You can see their full ratings below:


You can see the rest of the new GOAT versions here.


There are 22 new GOATS solo challenges that are split into 2 sequences: Arcade and Competitive. Each sequence has 11 challenges, and all of the challenges are full-length games with 3:00 quarters. Each challenge rewards you with a Baby GOAT item that you can use in the GOATs sets.


There are new GOATs sets that you can complete to upgrade each GOAT. Here's an overview:


  • GOAT: Launch Players - Turn in 30x Baby GOATs to choose any of the 8 Launch GOATs at 84-85 OVR.
  • GOAT: Holiday Players - Turn in 40x Baby GOATs to choose any of the 3 Holiday GOATs at 87 OVR.
  • GOAT: 88 OVR - Requires the 87 OVR version of the GOAT and 15x Baby GOATs.
  • GOAT: 89 OVR - Requires the 88 OVR version of the GOAT and 20x Baby GOATs.
  • GOAT: 90 OVR - Requiers the 89 OVR version of the GOAT and 25x Baby GOATs.

All GOATs are not auctionable/tradeable (NAT).


What do you think of the GOATs expansion? Which ones are you going to try to upgrade? Let us know in the comments.


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