MUT 18 Color Rush Overview


Today, EA released Color Rush uniforms for MUT 18. You can purchase a Color Rush Fantasy Pack from the Store that lets you select a Color Rush uniform of your choice. The Color Rush Fantasy Pack costs 50,000 coins or 500 points.


There are also Color Rush upgrade sets that you can complete. Here's how they work:


  • Gold Color Rush - You can trade 2 Gold Team Tokens for a Gold Color Rush uniform. For example, to get the Bears Gold Dark Color uniform (NAT), you must turn in 2 Gold Bears Tokens.
  • Elite Color Rush - You can combine the Gold Color Rush uniform with a Tier 3 uniform to receive an Elite Color Rush uniform that has Tier 3 Team Training Chemistry. For example, it takes the Bears Gold Color Rush uniform and the Bears Dark Tier 3 uniform to receive the Bears Elite Dark Color Rush uniform (NAT).

What do you think of the Color Rush promo? Will you complete the sets to get the Tier 3 Team Training Chemistry?


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