The Gauntlet Unleashed


 EA Sports released the Gauntlet Unleashed this morning which is a new spin on the Gauntlet solo challenges the community has come to love. By defeating weekly solo challenge sequences, you can earn coins and unlock valuable Gauntlet Trophies. Here is everything you need to know:

Qualifier vs. Championship

There are two phases to the Gauntlet Unleashed every week. The first is the Qualifier phase which runs from Monday at 10:30 AM ET to Friday at 10:00 AM ET. The second is the Championship which starts on Fridays at 10:30 AM ET and ends on Monday at 10:00 AM ET. You will need to complete the Qualifier phase in order to participate in the Championship phase later in the week. The Qualifier phases are based around a 7-game solo challenge sequence and the Championship games require 4 more solo challenge wins.

Open vs. Premium

There are two pairs of Qualifier/Championship phases. The Open Qualifier/Championship is a bit easier to complete. You won't need to create a special lineup to compete in either Open phase. Just jump right in with any MUT lineup and start earning rewards. If you're up for a greater challenge and better rewards, you can give the Premium solo challenge sequences a shot. These will require special lineup requirements. For example, this week you will need Tier 1 activated of all NFC East team chemistry types (Redskins, Giants, Cowboys, and Eagles) which requires 3 players from each team. In order to help you meet the requirements, there is a Warmup Game solo challenge that rewards you with a random NFC East player and there are NFC East packs available in the store.

The Solo Challenge Format

All of the games in The Gauntlet Unleashed are full length that increase in difficulty and quarter length as you get farther in the sequences. Each game comes with a bonus goal that will earn you additional coins or experience towards your MUT level.

The Rewards

The most important rewards you will earn from The Gauntlet Unleashed are Gauntlet Trophies which will help you unlock Gauntlet Champions. Here is a breakdown of all rewards for each sequence:


Weekly Theme: NFC East

200 coins

NFC East Warmup Reward Pack (random NFC East Player)


Open Qualifier

4,550 coins

125 contracts

Gold Player Reward Pack (NAT gold player)


Open Championship

7,000 coins

100 contracts

Gauntlet Trophy


Premium Qualifier

9,100 coins

175 contracts

Gold Player Reward Pack (NAT gold player)

Gauntlet Trophy


Premium Championship

12,000 coins

125 contracts

NFC East Elite Player Pack

Gauntlet Trophy


What do you think of The Gauntlet Unleashed and the rewards structure?



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