All-Rookie Offense Program Overview


Today EA launched the All-Rookie program and it is headlined by 97 OVR All-Rookie Master Ezekiel Elliott. If you are plan on getting Zeke, all you need to do is add any 10 offensive All-Rookie player items to his set. 


You can find offensive All-Rookie players in packs or by completing the All-Rookie Offense set. By adding 30 All-Rookie offensive stat collectibles (12 specific, 18 wildcard) to this set, you can earn a random All-Rookie elite player item (93-96 OVR). 


Make sure to play your All-Rookie solo challenges as they guarantee you one specific All-Rookie offensive stat collectible for each player, an All-Rookie Offensive pack and 10,000 coins. There are also new All-Rookie objectives that will give you 15 random All-Rookie offensive stat collectibles and upon completion an All-Rookie offense reward pack. 


Here are all the All-Rookie offensive player items and their ratings:


What do you think of the All-Rookie offensive selections? Will you be adding any of these players to your lineup?


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