B-Dubs Bowl Top Plays: Week 1


Week 1 of the BDubs Bowl is in the books and we couldn't have asked for a better round of games. We had a total of 24 match-ups between some of the best Madden players in the world with several games coming down to the final play.


In our Week 1 Top Plays recap, Kraelo walks you through five of the most exciting plays that Week 1 had to offer. If you would like to submit a play for Week 2, make a Twitch clip and send it to us on Twitter (@Muthead).


If you haven't been keeping up with all of the B-Dubs Bowl action, here is everything you need to know about the event. You can see the current standings, all scheduled games, and all final scores here:


B-Dubs Bowl Tracker


We look forward to another exciting week of great Madden and we hope you will join us!


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