Ultimate Legends Program Overview



The Ultimate Legends (UL) program is back in MUT 17 to kick off #MUTSeason! EA released 8 players this year to kick off the UL program. Before we get into the specifics on how the program works in MUT 17, here are the full ratings on the new player items:

Marshawn Lynch

Mack Strong

Sterling Sharpe

Anthony Munoz

La'Roi Glover

Charles Haley

Willie Brown

Paul Krause

Each player in the Ultimate Legends program has a new set that will require that player's rookie, chemistry, strength, speed, and skill version player items. You will also need UL badges and the amount of UL badges needed per player may vary by set (For example, Lynch requires 5, While Mack and others require 2).


If you don't have enough Ultimate Legend badges, you can earn them by completing 2 unique Ultimate Legend sets: UL Player Trade-In or Elite Badge to UL Badge. The UL Player Trade-In set requires that you 10 gold Ultimate Legend players and 2 elite Ultimate Legend players to earn 1 Ultimate Legend Badge. While the Elite Badge to UL Badge set requires you add 5 elite badges to earn 1 UL badge. The UL badges from these sets both non-auctionable and non-tradeable. 


On top of all of this, each player in the program will receive a Boss Edition player item that is slightly better than the Ultimate Legend version; however, these player items are only available in packs for a limited time. 


What do you think of the return of the Ultimate Legends Program?


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