Oil710 has received 231 Muthead Honor from 66 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 Mr_PoppagorgioDec 27, 2017Nice Pop avi
7 Glock_44sDec 20, 2017Thanks for the deal
1 CongressmanRules1Dec 5, 2017Future AH shark
1 lachrymotionNov 26, 2017Congrats on 15k.
1 kushgotmeontopNov 26, 2017Mile High Salue on 15k
1 Thunder13DomeNov 14, 2017To help with the Aids in h2h
1 CowboysFanTillDeathNov 11, 2017Homie great member
2 Sdbolts760Oct 13, 2017For not being able to on a lot and you being patient for a deal
1 CowboysFanTillDeathSep 28, 2017always helps others out on the forums and in parties, great legit member.
1 CowboysFanTillDeathAug 31, 2017Known this cat for years. He's as legit as they come.
1 MrDru07Aug 22, 2017For a Legit dude and awesome friend on MH. Squad!
1 CowboysFanTillDeathAug 22, 2017Another cool legit fellow :D
2 Kb72Aug 4, 2017Oil is one of my orginal friends on this site... dude is legit, deal with confidence!
2 bub8aAug 2, 2017Very generous way to give back and celebrate the MH anniversary!
1 TheFit1Aug 2, 2017What a classy and generous move on Muthead's birthday. Bravo!
1 TyrantorAug 2, 2017thanks for giving back to the community
1 WizDragonXboxAug 2, 2017For doing the 20 Rookie Premiere gold cards giveaway! That's HUGE! - WDX
1 Thunder13DomeJul 29, 2017For being a trust worthy member.
1 Little_HasmanJul 28, 2017One of my last honor for one of the most legit guys here
1 that_scrambleJul 17, 2017Thanks for the smooth trade.
2 FroZenb0NeZJul 15, 2017Because Oil is Oil...he should make everybody on MUTHEAD moist.
4 MrDru07Jul 7, 2017Dedicated Madden Player and good dude. I HAD to get you to 200!
1 Thunder13DomeJun 28, 2017One of the most trustworthy members on MH. You my boy blue!
2 Kb72Jun 28, 2017Oil is Mr.Oil now... Congrats!
1 FroZenb0NeZJun 26, 2017Oil is a great clan mate and friend, a true bright spot on MUTHEAD.