LordKakuzu has received 163 Muthead Honor from 41 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
3 ac7607Dec 20, 2017Great friend and great person
2 Fitz097Nov 21, 2017HITSQUAD!!!
2 DoomtimeOct 10, 2017Thanks :)
1 Fitz097Oct 6, 2017#HITSQUAD!!!
5 1234RuinedSep 24, 2017Dat #HITSquad Offensive Captain doe. Great clanmate and squadmate!
4 1234RuinedSep 9, 2017GOAT QB. GLad to have as both a Clan-mate and Squad-mate! #HITSquad
1 DoomtimeAug 22, 2017Appreciate it sir
4 1234RuinedAug 17, 2017Great clan member and fun chatting about MUT with in #MUTDiscussion.
10 yusuf1180Aug 16, 2017We are as great friends as the bills are with the eagles
1 Fitz097Aug 13, 2017Brother from another mother!!! awesome friend anyonr can ask for
5 DoomtimeAug 1, 2017Thanks for the help
1 hackel4Jul 1, 2017my :patrick: - buddy
10 TheDakAttackJun 29, 2017Thanks for helping me out
1 Blanko87Jun 21, 2017For my buddy! Best friend I could ever ask for!
1 sirjibbaJun 15, 2017Great clanmate and good conversations
1 PhillyEaglesInMMMay 18, 2017very late Blue suit????
1 GOPACKERS2909May 6, 2017Great clanmate and friend!
3 AJGPHILSFAN22Apr 24, 2017Always respectful and a great clanmate
1 1234RuinedFeb 24, 2017Excellent member of the clan; makes it fun with all our Madden/sports chats!
1 Fitz097Feb 12, 2017Thanks for being a great friend
4 SchwagzorOct 16, 2016Thanks for being a great community member and talking baseball/betting. Great HIT member!
1 awsomeguy408Oct 11, 2016Thanks for coming back to get avis from me! :D
7 AJGPHILSFAN22Sep 6, 2016One of the best members on this site. Helpful and always friendly. Congrats on hitting 100!
2 GOPACKERS2909Sep 1, 2016Lord K is always helping out the community and being a roll model to HIT
10 yusuf1180Aug 21, 2016great friend, does great work for the Play station community