Jaketlarsen has received 43 Muthead Honor from 21 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 tricky80gJan 24, 2018Happy Birthday FUN!
1 jeh611Jan 1, 2018Wishing you only the best for the New Year!
1 xprrtNov 24, 2017A little late happy thanksgiving to the FUN fam!
1 jeh611Oct 19, 2017Congrats thus far...
1 jeh611Aug 26, 2017Thanks for sharing in the FUN!!
1 prestonporter53Aug 10, 2017Thanks
1 jeh611Jul 16, 2017Thank you for your FUN Clan Camaraderie!
1 WizDragonXboxJul 8, 2017Thank you so much for allowing me to get the player I've wanted for so long! - WDX
1 EinsOnCMay 29, 2017Thank you for being so kind :)
1 Hatman11May 27, 2017Good guy and easy to trade with, thanks again
3 tricky80gApr 30, 2017Congrats on Legend
1 tricky80gApr 24, 2017great clanmate
1 t1j2mApr 21, 2017for your generous donation to my giveaway and all of your other contributions, thanks for being part of what makes MH great
1 jewmangiApr 18, 2017We are good no worries I was just being softer than butter
1 Tekhed1Apr 16, 2017Have a FUN Easter.
1 Jackhammer458Apr 15, 2017Gl on ccb
1 Tekhed1Apr 2, 2017Congrats on 4K.
1 tricky80gMar 27, 2017Welcome to the FUN family!
1 Street_SpiritMar 26, 2017Nice job helping a random guy out on Muthead with .5 MHC!
2 Mumbl35Feb 17, 2017thanks for the easy deal man.
8 KamChancellorNov 11, 2016For one of my best friends on muthead you deserve more honor buddy but for now congrats on the 20!!
1 KamChancellorSep 2, 2016One of NEc's best members and a great friend that is always active
1 imarino13Sep 1, 2016Thanks for donating to my Giveaway brosky.
1 imarino13Aug 13, 2016Get that Silver my man....great Clanmate & Friend!
1 Abhi2000Aug 13, 2016For giving me Jordy Nelson for free. Great clanmate, thanks once again