D2KDuFFy has received 90 Muthead Honor from 33 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 CowboysFanTillDeathNov 20, 2017One of the first few people I interacted with on muthead. Dude is legit as they come, a true goaT!!
1 Thunder13DomeNov 16, 2017You my boy blue!
2 Kb72Jun 28, 2017Duffy, great member and really fun to visit with... dude is legit.
1 Kb72May 19, 2017Duffy! He knows! LOL
1 Slr29May 3, 20171 time for my homie bahaha grear dude
1 Thunder13DomeMar 18, 2017Cuh is cool as shit great member
2 FroZenb0NeZFeb 23, 2017Duffy is an awesome Clanmate and a great member of the MUTHEAD community.
1 Thunder13DomeFeb 12, 2017One of the best members muthead has thanks for everything Duffy
6 JayVW318Jan 26, 2017The person who taught me how to be a respected and quality member of MH. I will never forget that. Thanks buddy!!!
6 sbdraptorJan 4, 2017Great member and all around great guy
1 Sal198444Jan 3, 2017Dude Keeps it Real
2 Kb72Dec 6, 2016Duffy! Giants are going down this weekend! So think of this as a sypathy token...lol
3 Adopolus234Nov 24, 2016 Thanks bro, you are a kind person.
3 Slr29Nov 23, 2016Awesome Mf'n Dude Great member on and off this Website
2 Little_HasmanAug 23, 2016Duffy is the GOAT. *dropsmic*
2 JayVW318Aug 14, 2016One of MH's best and most trustworthy members. Duffy was the first friend I made on MH, I still go to him for advice from time to time
1 codexavellumAug 12, 2016My man! Great person for MH and for the MUT community.
1 bethro01Aug 6, 2016Great Mutheader
1 hewitt80Jul 27, 2016His whip is fresher than yours. #It'sANewYorkThing
1 1234RuinedJul 15, 2016Excellent member of MH. Had a really positive giveaway. Nice job, man!
1 PikeFish40Jul 15, 2016Hey i have not talked to u in a bit. But i juat want to thank u for all the advice and help. Your a great member!
2 SquawkboxxJul 6, 2016Thanks for the easy trade! Couldn't ask for a better person to trade with!!
1 CrimsoncycloneJul 5, 2016He gave GT DJAX TO ME, LIKE WOOOOOW. Duffy is a good dude even though he has a horrible british accent + his mum cuts his hair ;)
2 TruePandaJul 3, 2016He's a pretty chill guy. Pretty legit too. Solid 10/10 member without the curve
1 MADMAN4010Jul 2, 2016A++ member and friend