[MMM] Mobile Muthead Misfits

Leader: Hogwild2728


  Welcome to the Official clan page  for

the Madden Mobile  Misfits {MMM}



We are a clan based primarily on Madden Mobile. but will accept other members

We have members that play in all console  

To  join clan these are some of the  requirements needed not all but a base:

Must be a Muthead member for 1+ months

No vouch thread is required.

Cost to join is 2 MHC which is the cost to open up the spot for you to be in clan that Muthead charges every clan


If you have any questions pm on of the leaders:



Just because you meet the requirements DOES NOT mean you will make it in the clan. The Leaders will vote on you.


Members      Console

Hogwild2728                        Mobile , XBOX ONE                

253Donko                               Mobile                                        

Meloman222                         Mobile, XBOX ONE                                                  

Brooks229                             Mobile, PS4     

Perdoeli                                   Mobile,  360     

LegateDaar                           Mobile                

 InsaneClowneyPosse      Mobile,  XBOX 360

V_sh                                         Mobile, PS3

WeiKan                                    Mobile   

anonymousUNO                 Mobile

SUNBOY999                         Mobile

JordanKyser                         Mobile

x_andyturner                        Mobile

k81007                                    Mobile

tbeweave                               Mobile

kingtevii                                  Mobile

Aaschwart                             Mobile 

sfboatri                                   Mobile

McGavinShooter                 Mobile, PS4


Member Rank
Hogwild2728 Misfit Leader
Meloman222 Misfit Leader
253Donko Misfit Leader
Brooks229 Misfits
LegateDamar Misfits
InsaneClowneyPosse Misfits
Perdoeli Misfits
V_sh Misfits
JordanKyser Misfits
k81007 Misfits
tbeweave Misfits
kingtevii Misfits
Aaschwart Misfits
OmegaBravo Misfits