[TNGT] Trusted Next Gen Traders

Leader: UnderCross17


Welcome members of Muthead, This is the home of TNGT. We are a group of friends who are about enjoying the game and play it with the right respect. Every single person in this clan is active and a helpful group of members. We are a band of brothers who are trusted, who play by the rules, start no drama, act like adults, and play by the book. 



About the clan

We hold giveaways, we do wagers, we hold tournaments every once in awhile, we trade with the respect of an adult, we do fair trades, in this clan, we help one another out, pay each other pack, or for the most part, we always lend a helping hand. We do not beg for coins or MHC, we do the right thing. You need help we help, you will figure it out on your way through the clan.


We do not Vouch boost nor feedback boost, join another clan if you want a clan that does that!


We have Four leaders in this clan, and the four leaders in this clan will be the police around his clan, if you do not follow the code of conduct, or follow the rules, or scam in anyway, you will be booting, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Leaders-UnderCross17 seahawks618994   

Xbox 1-



UnderCross17-(Leader)                Vouch Thread   Member Feedback

Seahawks618994-(Co-Leader)  Vouch Thread    Member Feedback



vanessaem-             Vouch Thread   Member Feedback

Penguino1-             Vouch Thread   Member Feedback



I hope you enjoyed you visited, and if you want to join, just shoot me a PM. REQUIREMENTS BELOW Down

We accept Next Gen players plus Mobile players

5 Positive Feedback

4+ MHC Vouches

500+ Posts

Must be Active everyday or almost a lot.



JDSpade- 3.75 Muthead Coins to finish the clan ((BIG SHOUTOUT))

chezychez99- He helps making our vouches and our clan page, (SHOUTOUT) to him and his clan for the donation!

 Penguino1- He Sent .5 MHC to make new clan spots!!!

seahawks618994- He Sent .1 MHC to Help make a new clan spot



This clan is the next step

Cost- 2 Muthead Coins




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UnderCross17 Member