Leader: sameey

the clan will be based on the members that we will have, being cool, chill, and easy going. We will have members from 

all different consoles, and hold many giveaways to help the community. We will not be selfish, and care for others, we will middle man 

and do as much to help out other members, while keeping a calm, soft temper. We will have regular tourneys with prizes. We will have a thing that was created by the great sandcastle. A player library. A player library is when you would like to borrow players to beat a challenge or team. that player will be given back so other members can use it as well. 


our motto- 'help others before we help our self'


we will have roles and specific things our members need 2 do.








sameey/ founder/ xb1, xbox 360


duskyJJI/ co leader/ xbox one






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