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Skill and Wisdom are two key elements to any successful madden player's repertoire, and members of this clan understand that possession of both will make them an extremely competitive opponent for anyone to play against.  But these things do not come easily, and can be very difficult to master alone.  Because of this, I have created SAW.


Skill- Being good at madden doesn't happen overnight.  It takes time and practice and typically solo challenges do not offer a dynamic setting to get better at madden.  My clan will put you in contact with others who want to practice, try new plays and formations to get better at Madden.


Wisdom- Just being good at the game doesn't ensure success- you also need to be well versed in HOW to play the game.  Strategy, gameplay situations and understanding how to force an opponent into your style are also shared in this clan.


Want to join?


As clan leader, I will have final say on all decisions which will allow me to keep the clan healthy as I see fit- send me a message if you want to be SAW!


After a member joins, it will be up to me to maintain a "healthy" clan and to not allow inactive or disruptive members to remain as a part of the group.


Remember the purpose of the clan before you decide that you want to join- to acquire better Skill and Wisdom to be better at madden.

*Because adding new members is not free, there is a 2MHC charge to join, once the board and I have accepted your request to join.*




Any time a member of SAW posts a helpful thread regarding gameplay it will appear here:

1) How to effectively user the Free Safety (Thanks to Chuckmonsta):



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