[CGG] Coin Game Goons

Leader: Barrels0Fbud

This clan was created to avoid scammers/welchers in the MUT community

                                         REQUEST to join the list

MEMBERS of the Coin Game Goons(CGG) are Legit and HAVE proven OVER time on MUThead that they are LEGIT


Some of us Stream our games on Twitch.tv   We play wager matches.

WE DO ASK TO PAY UP FRONT.We wouldn't play a wager unless we were willing to lose it.

IF anyone on this list Scams/Welches, WE need proof, not word of MOUTH.( there are a lot of sore losers)

pictures, videos, etc..


Founders -SDVFlowzBarrels0Fbud

Co-Founders -crazycrizz , iiTzChas , SFGxIMMORTALx



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