[Wolf] the WolfPack

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We are a clan of "average joe's" who are 21 years or older who enjoy video games and football and love the combination of the two. We weren't born with controllers in our hands so we may not be the best but we love to compete and are always looking to get better.

 We are always looking for new members for "the WolfPack".

 * Must be at least 21 years old-some exceptions can be made based on maturity.

 *2 MHC to join (needed to open a slot)

 *Must have some sort of positive feedback from an established member- no certain amount required, your posts/threads will be considered as well.


  If you are an older player and looking for other older players to play with, learn from and help learn we are the clan for you.

 Some features of the WolfPack:

       Game lab sessions where the vets show the rookies tricks of the trade

  • Coin/Card Tourneys in house for prizes
  • Coin/Card games against rival clans ("Rumbles")
  • Card Library where you can borrow another members card for a coin game, tourney, of just to try before you buy
  • Clan Giveaways:  All members chip in to give away cards, coins, MHC, etc to help the overall MUT Community
  • Positions such as: Captains-leaders of the clan, Banker/Librarian-hold funds/cards, Ballers-those who possess the skills to compete in coin games with coin sponsored by the community. Roles based on need.
  • All voices will be heard, we're here to help each other and have fun.
  • We will offer insurance for anyone in our clan who is scammed or cheated and have insurance for anyone who scams or cheats-our goal is to never have this happen to or from one of our members.
  • We are always looking for new ideas, all will be considered.                                                                                                                                                                        
  • We walk the walk and talk the talk, Our word is Our bond, we are the WolfPack.


If interested shoot a message




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