Leader: NES8010
Founder:      NES8010
Members:    GxBrand

Triumph was created through Beefborrowers Clan Giveaway this week. He gave me an amazing gift and I plan on growing this from its initial 3 member TRIfecta into one of the great MUTHEAD clans.
Thank you Beef for the opportunity!!!
TRIUMPH would like to welcome its newest member Easy910!!!
Introducing TRIUMPH!!!
-"Being a grown adult is not required, acting like one is."
The goal of this clan is to help each other and the community, promote good gameplay, and elevate the integrity and value of this website and MUT.

We are an honest/legit clan with nothing but good intentions. 




Benefits of TRIUMPH… 

Integrity: No members with negative feedback or history of proven scamming will be permitted to join…ever. 
Helping Hand: Lend/Loan any member of the clan any player or coin value needed to complete a challenge, coin up, H2H game, coin game, or to help buy a player up to 50k at least once per month. This means that if another clan member needs a player to complete a coin-up or styles challenge, needs to borrow coin to purchase a player, needs a collectable to complete a set…you must oblige at least once a month. 
By helping each other out, we can become stronger and be able to help the site out more as a whole. I will cover any loans in case of welchers, scammers, or instances that they would not be paid back until the clan gains a large enough bankroll to cover issues up to 50k. Loans will last 48hours unless otherwise decided by the person loaning.
Insurance: I will cover up to 50k for members who are scammed inside of the clan by other clan members. I will also cover scams up to 50k if you trade with someone outside of the clan as long as the person who scams you has at least a 3 positive feedback score with no negative feedback. If you trade with someone with negative feedback you will not be compensated for your loss at all.
VOTING: I want to have happy members and I will not make sole decisions on anything effecting the whole clan/all members unless it's something that is going to benefit ALL clan members.
We will vote on incoming members, giveaway ideas, and problems inside of the clan.


Clan Plan
Any members proven to lie, scam, plot, or be blatantly dishonest will be kicked out of the clan with loss of any MHC or donations turned over to the clan. You will be returned any borrowed/loaned cards and will be forced to return any you are proven to have or be accused a scammer.

 The clans members will be expected to do three things on a monthly basis aside from your basic helpfulness to the community.


1) Posts: At least 25 Posts. 
***This will not be strictly enforced, but I would prefer active members. I'm a streak commenter, some days I'm on and other days im quiet, but I'm usually watching or reading daily***
2) Donations/Giveaways: We will do at least 1 giveaway per month with a minimum of 50k being given away. Each member will have to donate their percentage of the 50k. We may do multiple prizes or one large, but never more than 5 guaranteeing that the winner get at least a 10k prize. This means that if we start with 4 members, those members each have to donate 12.5k/month towards the giveaway. When we grow to 5 members, your mandatory donation will drop to 10k. When we hit 8 members, the giveaway will go to 75k, and 10 members will mean 100k giveaways with each person donating 10k value. Giveaway feedback will be given on a rotating basis for single large prizes (beginning in order of rank/seniority) and individual for smaller prizes.
3) Helping Hand: See above (Benefits) 

Member Requirements…
-At least 5 positive feedback and NO negative feedback. Nobody with a history of scamming will be permitted.
-At least 300 posts and 3 months membership.
-2MHC AND an additional 25k to join. This will be put away and used as insurance and giveaways for future use since we are being given a clan to start. If you do not have MHC, I will accept 50k in place of MHC. I know the value is slightly different, but it's replacing something necessary for the clans longevity. Once we have 4 members, we will all donate at least 10k to the clan and 10k to giveaways per month until we have a bankroll of at least 50K per member. I want to have at least 50k per member in the bank at all times. Basically, once were banked and comfortable with our savings...we can stop donations for a bit...50k/member should be a good start. If you would rather pay your 50k up front, I'm cool with that.
After the initiation fees, it will be 10-12.5K per month (for giveaways) unless you have another prize for the giveaway Such as players, Avis, Sigs, or MHC.
(Twice per month I will post clan transactions and/or bankroll for clan members to see, and we can discuss issues or plan giveaways and other future endeavors.)
-GAMEPLAY: I don't mind people who attack weak points built within the game such as rolling out with the QB, certain D plays, counters, and even running one play…BUT anyone found to be compromising the integrity of the game by IP booting, DDOS, OR ANY OTHER SYSTEM attacks will be turned in to Live and automatically booted from the clan.
I will not have the clan be embarrassed in any way. If I feel that you are purposely causing issues with other site members, you will be kicked out of the clan. We will operate with respect, dignity, and good morals.
If you're going to be a dick about race, religion, or where someone is from…this clan is not for you.




Closing Statement and Promise
I can't promise to be the most active 100% available founder…but I can promise to be honest, helpful, and fair.
I will NEVER force anyone to do anything not listed above, and will always give members in and out of the clan a fair chance to ask, offer, or explain any situations that may arise.
I promise to remain honest, AND help out my clan and the members of this site as much as possible and gain good rep and grow relationships with other clans and non-members. 

We can't let anyone in, but that doesn't mean we won't try and help everyone out.





 ***I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO GET AT LEAST ONE OR TWO PS4 PLAYERS IN THE CLAN DOWN THE ROAD, a sig/avi guy, and possibly a weekly/bi-weekly advice thread specific to a popular topic at that time***
About the Founder
NAME: NES8010 
- I'm an honest/legit person with nothing but good intentions.
- This is my first year on MUT and my first year playing Madden in a few years.
- I have a 97overall team(99-SP/82-ZD) which plays much better than its owner. I gained my team by having good pulls, buying a few good heavy bundle topped promo packs/bundles and pulling such things as Michael Johnson to complete Watt TOTW in my first pack, 94LE LT BCA Joe Thomas, and a 99 Lawrence Taylor from a free Xmas gift All Pro pack over Christmas.
- I've done a small giveaway, always try and hook clans up/donate to who I have dealt with that have giveaways, and try to be active throughout the site. I'm not always posting, but I follow MUTHEAD throughout the day and check posts more than I probably should. I usually try and give a better card back or take a smaller prize when I do win giveaways to help the member/clan giving in their next one.
We welcome ALL candidates who meet our criteria…we will vote as a group to decide new members.
New members be aware of one statement made at the beginning of the post…
“Being a grown adult is not required, acting like one is.” 
Again, I would like to thank Beefborrower for awarding me this clan in his giveaway. He's an amazing mod and member and we will always remember our roots! 
Thank you, 


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