[MHMA] MUTHead Members Association

Leader: Slammer4244

Welcome to MHMA's official clan page! We are the #1 giveaway clan here on Muthead. Below is all you need to know about our great clan.Thank you for visiting and enjoy the great music up in hurr doe! Very Happy


Hey guys hope all is well with everyone.We here at MHMA are always looking to add wonderful,helpful and great members to our family so if you feel you fit the bill then please pm me and lets chat it up and see what we can make happen.Also feel free to stop by our public clan thread anytime day/night and chat it up with everyone.May God bless & be with you all always.








 This is not just a clan for madden we talk everything from life to gaming and have many chats in house we do this in on the daily.Its all about family,brotherhood,friends and clan mates here so everyone is indeed welcome.


















The Ranks of MHMA

  • MHMA Member: Most MHMA members fall under this category. These are new members who have just joined MHMA with less than 6 months in the clan. They are great contributors to the clan, who show great attitude and generosity around MH - they're here for a reason! It's tough to become a member of MHMA, I dont let just anybody in!!!!!!!!!!
  • 6 months MHMA: These are the MHMA members who have gone above and beyond a normal member someone who goes the extra step. 6 month plus membership in MHMA.
  • 1 year MHMA: These are the premier members of MHMA.1 year+ within the clan. Wherever they go on MUTHead, they show off the traits that MHMA promotes. Heck, they would bend over backwards to help anyone in need!
  • 2 years MHMA: Best of the BEST!!! The loyal MHMA members!!!!
  • Lead Recruiter/Recruiter: The lead recruiter is the head dog at recruiting. Leads the clan as the best recruiter. The recruiters help bring in new members to continue MHMA's growth!!
  • MHMA Lead Enforcer/Enforcers: These are the MHMA members that look out for the clan. These guys make sure our clan rules are followed by the members. They help me police the clan to ensure no drama occurs and that all members are following the rules. They have a very difficult task but these guys keep MHMA clean! Lead Enforcer is simply the Boss of the enforcers. They are all paid a monthly bonus. 
  • Board Member: Help me with everyday activities. Assist me with the daily operations of the clan. Vote on the new recruits and the recruiters of the clan. They are paid a monthly bonus.
  • Vice President: My right hand man! 
  • President: Self explanatory! Very Happy







MHMA's Laws of the Land

  • No members are allowed to borrow Muthead Coins at anytime for any reason. Doing so results in immediate removal.
  • -Each member must do at least 3 giveaways of a decent value each year. This can be individually or through our 5 clan giveaways a year.
  • -Each member must stick to our values: legitness, kindness, and most importantly, generosity. We are for the community!
  • -If someone disses MHMA, members try not to attack. Start a respectful private discussion If possible and always fill me in immediately. There will be those select few that can't be talked to. With those types just ignore them. And If the discussion goes nowhere, MHMA will be the one to stop it. But always let me know immediately! 
  • -No drama allowed!
  • Most of us use profanity from time to time but let's keep it to a minimum. GD (lords name in vain) will not be allowed at all
  • -Members must help to build up MHMA's reputation to be the best it can be. How you act in these forums is a direct reflection of this clan. I will not tolerate stupidity. I'm too old to babysit kids and adults. I won't do it
  • -If you are inactive within the clan and/or Muthead for a period longer than 1 month you will be removed due to inactivity. Sorry but if you don't plan to make friends within this clan don't bother joining.


MHMA Requirements

  • -At Least 75 -80 ovr
  • -At Least 500 - 1,000Posts
  • -At Least 3 Months of Tenure on muthead
  • -Be an Active, Helpful Member
  • Be atleast 18 years of age ( exceptions can be made in either direction of this age scale) 
  • Be mature. Be responsible. 

Request to Join MHMA

  • MHMA is an exclusive clan, reserved for only the best of the best members around Muthead. This is not a 'stepping-stone' clan, a clan you join just so you go to another clan. This clan is where the best stay and have fun for a long, long time. Take that into mind before requesting to join our clan.
  • Please PM  pdcameron & Slammer4244  https://www.muthead.com/members/Jonathanmote into the recipients box in that one PM. This will be your application. In the PM, be sure to include:
  • -At least 5 sentences on why you'd like to join MHMA




MHMA Hall of Fame

  • -All Clan Members, Past and Present (donating to clan funds, being great members, etc.)

MHMA Giveaway Statistics

  • -MHCs Given Away:  638.70 MHC's
    -USD Monetary Value Given Away: $1,196.00
    -Players Given Away: 527 players
    -Coins Given Away: approx. 9,923,196 Coins 

Current MHMA Funds

  • 0.00 Muthead Coins (Funds are on Slammer4244's account. Not all MHC on his account are clan funds, just the amount listed.)
  • Donations are always appreciated. To donate, transfer your MHC to Slammer4244. This MHC is used for giveaways, clan endeavors, and more! Thank you.

Current MHMA Offers

• 2.00 Muthead Coins Entry Fee




Member Rank
Slammer4244 President
pdcameron Vice President
Saviors Board Member
Jonathanmote Board Member
marblesteen Enforcer
PersonMann Enforcer
SilverHurricane Enforcer
hball97 2 years+ MHMA
frivera210 2 years+ MHMA
KillaKam55 2 years+ MHMA
Commandogg 2 years+ MHMA
DDane 2 years+ MHMA
exsessivehours 2 years+ MHMA
HURCULESC130 2 years+ MHMA
happyday1 2 years+ MHMA
WarRamPanthers 2 years+ MHMA
DOLOMYTE575 1 year+ MHMA
bryce052000 1 year+ MHMA
Reepicheepmouse 1 year+ MHMA
TheMaddenGuru24 1 year+ MHMA
Kjaygamer 1 year+ MHMA
Hodgey33 1 year+ MHMA
Davisthefreeman 1 year+ MHMA
CantPlayMadden 1 year+ MHMA
Ninjacrooks MHMA member