Leader: cougarob

A chill and mature clan for Xbox One players to hang out and enjoy the madness of MUT together.  We are:

-Honest in all dealings on Muthead and MUT - Trolling, scamming or welching will not be tolerated

-Consistent in our approach to the game - Sim style play is the most fun and rewarding, no nanos, no glitches

-Supportive of each other and the community - Active in efforts to help others through Muthead and Twitch

-Fun in our approach to the many aspects of MUT be it game play, tournaments, market analysis, trades and giveaways

[ELTE] has yearly clan tournaments (Current Champion:  Jordan1983) and a clan fantasy football league (Current Champion:  jmessineo)  We are prevalent in the Twitch Madden community and many of us are active in MUT year-round.  While we do not accept requests to join the clan, feel free to contact us if you feel you would be a good fit!  We routinely observe and propose new members for clan consideration.


Member Rank
dking2532 ELITE Recruit
cav44057 ELITE Recruit
realjmo ELITE Recruit
Jlove80r ELITE Recruit
doh10 ELITE Recruit