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Welcome members of Muthead, This is the Official home of BLITZ. We are a group of friends who are about enjoying the game and playing it with respect with our fellow man. All members are encouraged to be active in threads,Gauntlet,pack openings and pickems. We are a band of brothers who are trusted, who play by the rules, start no drama, act like adults, and play by the book.


Site Participation is a must.

No scammers allowed.

75 Ovr and above.

2 MHC to join 
Non -Refundable


You are expected to treat everyone on this site with Respect.

All members will be ENCOURAGED to do a giveaway every 3 months.

Come one come all to the Newest ,most freshest Clan on the site.



JD_Jets will be handling all of our gfx work,So feel free to reach out to him if you want your own private sig/and or avatar.


Or copy and paste any of  the ones below if you like .*



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