[YNB] You're Not Built

Leader: MrWoof10

Welcome to YNB!

YNB stands for You're Not Built. Here we seek to help everyone we can, the most we can, with anything. We will have people from all communities. Obviously MUT, 2k, Fortnite, etc. We also will seek out on personal problems if people have those. Upon joining the clan, you will be sent a link to a private dm with the clan, and an exclusive slack chat. We will continue to grow and hope to come up there with the top clans and be trustworthy as them. 


If you are interested in joining, PM me or another top member in the clan.


We hold 4 morals, Nice, Trust, Honesty, and Chill


NICEWe want our members to be the nicest and most respectful across MH. If you disrespect anyone, there shall be consequences.


TRUSTAlong with being nice, we want our members to be trustworthy. What is a YNB member without trust. (Hint, it's nothing)


HONESTY- This correlates with Trust. Our members must be honest about a lot, if you are dishonest about anything, it will be hard for you to become a member.


CHILLFinally, we have chill. Our members will be relaxed and chill. Obviously, if their team wins a championship, or if they win a huge giveaway, they have the right to be hype and be screaming in threads, but for the most part, we will be chill. 


Requirements-  There can be exceptions made

300 posts

A 2 Muthead Coins fee will be required

You must be a member for at least 3 months.


If you are accepted-

Keep in mind that you will be representing the clan in the forums now, now along with yourself. If you fill the need to do anything wrong, reconsider it, or let one of us know before you do it so we can help, instead of doing it public. Life comes before anything, so if you have personal issues, let us know before. If you are inactive in general, there will be some consequences. First warning, your rank will be removed. That will be at 5 weeks inactive. Next warning will be at 10 weeks, you will be dis-included from clan-specific giveaways and such until further notice. At 15 weeks, you will be removed from the clan. We play a 3 strike level, and after the third strike, YOU'RE OUT!


Also, while in the clan, you must do your monthly pickems, you must post at least 10-25 times a week, weekly packs over 50k, and weekly gauntlet.


Remember, You're Not Built! Laughing


YNB Hall of Fame Muthead Coins


Wizardsblood- 1 Muthead Coins

Bluegrazzcat- 9 Muthead Coins

Lachrymotion- 1 Muthead Coins


Thank you to those in the YNB Hall of Fame. You will forever be remembered with this clan!








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