Leader: DarkPassenger


Knowledge, Integrity, Nascent, Generous


Knowledge-Our members help each other and those not in KING increase their knowledge on many different subjects to help each other grow into the best possible member.


Integrity-A KINGdom cannot grow without high integrity and this is a standard that we hold very high in KING. 


Nascent-Coming into existence and displaying signs of great future potential. KING is just now coming into existence and we will grow with members that have potential to become great.


Generous-Generosity is one of the best traits a KING can have. Always help anyone who needs it whenever you can.



Requirements to Apply:

  • 1+ month(s) on MH
  • 500+ posts
  • Rep thread/vouch thread with a minimum of 5 positive posts or 1+ MHC vouched
  • Silver+ Tier


Requirements once in Clan:

  • 35+ forum posts a week
  • Monthly Gauntlet, Packs, and Pick'ems


BBU graduates may be exempt from our requirements to apply as long as the meet our standards. Once you are in the clan if you go inactive for 2 weeks without letting us know you will be kicked. We only want the best and most active members of our great community.


As with all clans their will be a 2 MHC entrance fee that must be paid prior to being accepted into KING.


Member Rank
DarkPassenger The Founding King
trashingthecamp King
styxdog King
EA8991 King
unleashedfury47 King
nothingfinerthana49er King
DrussisGOAT King
b3rlingirl Duke
King_Bruno Baron
TorchBeak Baron
iTs_jonboi817 Baron
UpTooHigh Baron
jtt2824 Baron
Btsai13 Knight
tschuelk Knight
mmslay Knight
rag1ngcanuck Knight
HitTheLeGarretteBlunt Knight
Pittsteelburgh Knight
jamundson86 Knight
Nolster99 Knight