[USSR] Putin the Head back in MutHead

Leader: jsokol

Be glorious, our free Motherland,
A reliable stronghold of the peoples' happiness!
Banner of the Soviets, Banner of the people,
May it lead from victory to victory!

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Cool  SF5k - Donated Muthead Coins for a custom clan rank

Cool  JT543 - Queen Bee and filtercreator.xyz

Cool  Yacht - Donated Muthead Coins for the inaugural Ration Lottery

Cool [DPRK] - Ally Clan




Member Rank
jsokol Supreme Soviet
Graberic Supreme Soviet
jjgoblue Supreme Soviet
josh2brazy Supreme Soviet
zoowildlife Supreme Soviet
madtiger925 Supreme Soviet
crazy4swayze Mud Dawg
Jcurtismm Commie
johnjameson21 Commie
ghericurl Commie
Espnguy Commie
esume Commie
Kylerpurvis Commie
Tobias131286 Commie
knole17 Commie
BamBamGio Commie
MOStateBear Commie
ccooper555 Commie
DaBears4Lyfe Commie
Vladimir_Putin Commie
9erB Commie
trank78 Commie
vTHexic Commie
ChargersGoHard727 Commie
Wrucksters Commie