[DMC] Distinguished Madden Collector's

Leader: Tato_604

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1. 400+ posts - You must be an active member of the site (exceptions made on a case by case scenario)
2. 3 Months on MutHead
3. 5 MHC Vouched preferred - Verified on Official Vouch List (Current Members need to be actively working to get placed on Official vouch list)

4. Must be helpful and/or have had a prior giveaway (Determined through application review)

5. Must be 70+ OVR

6. Must be age 18+ (exceptions made on a case by case scenario)


Cost of membership: 2 MHC (non-refundable) 


Please send PM to the following DMC member to apply:



Member Rank
Tato_604 Emperor Collector
Readytogo72 Emperor Collector
Zac1357 Gentleman Collector
CoolMike15 Gentleman Collector
lemfire333 Gentleman Collector