- Must have a Muthead overall of at least 75 

- Must have at least 500 posts on Muthead 

- We typically do not allow younger members (<18) to join the clan, but do make exceptions in rare cases

- Must have at least 3 Months of tenure on Muthead

- Must be an active and helpful member.  No scammers.

- Must have done at least 1 giveaway in the past (FLEXIBLE)

- If above requirements are met, you may be invited to a Q&A with LIFE clan leaders

- Joining the clan costs 2 MHC. This MHC is not for our personal, but rather to open up a new clan spot

[LIFE] Clan Rules:

- None of our members are allowed to borrow MHC from a member outside of LIFE. IF you do LIFE WILL NOT be held responsible for your debt and you will be kicked if you welch or scam.

- Each LIFE member must do at least 2 giveaways of a decent value each year, to show the community our real selves.

- Each member must stick to our values, and be respectful to all members of the community. Always be legit, honest, trustworthy, kind, and most importantly, respectful of everyone.

- Members will not brag about clan score, as our reputation, and our word means more than a score.

There will be no boasting/bragging around the forums about LIFE and who we are, our actions should show character.

- If someone makes a disrespectful comment towards LIFE, members WILL NOT ATTACK. Start a respectful private discussion, and learn why the the other member doesn't like us, or what we do. LIFE can and will improve on that as we work together to make this clan one of the most respected on MutHead. If the discussion goes nowhere, LIFE BOARD MEMBERS will be the one to stop it.

- No drama allowed!

- Members must help to build up LIFE reputation to be the best it can be.

If you are inactive for a period of more than 1 months without letting the board members know, You will be removed from LIFE due to inactivity.



Any and all MHC Donations can be sent to mpark81.These Donation's will be used for Clan giveaways, Promotions, Future Monthly Member bonus, and much more.



Free clan avis/sigs for all LIFE members. Courtesy of DonMontana23 and DuncMMA



Member Rank
mpark81 Co-Leader
sconnell87 Lead Administrator
Aviator4621 Enforcer
juggalo505 Recruiter
DonMontana23 GFX Artists
DuncMMA GFX Artists
BossmanHG4 Family Member
romeischillin Family Member
thcgamer Family Member
JordanBa11er Family Member
buttrush57 Family Member
Tonierstraw1865 Family Member
Svenga1i Family Member
PlayingMUT Family Member
simplegreen808 Family Member
HarshP722 Family Member
chandlerr85 Family Member
dolphaholic Family Member
ncinqueg Family Member
josho711 Family Member
frank770504 Family Member
Wdillingham24 Family Member
misk53 Family Member
Babynoze Family Member