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Name Category Coin Reward Rewards
Colin Kaepernick: SP + GPNext Gen0 Player: Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick: SP + LPNext Gen0 Player: Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick: SP + SRNext Gen0 Player: Colin Kaepernick
Colts 1955Premium0Uniform: 2012 Throwback 1955
Conference ChampionshipsLoyalty55000
Conference Plays of WeekTeam of the Week2500 Player: Demaryius Thomas
Cover Vote CollectionNFL Draft10000 Player: Richard Sherman
Covers of MaddenLoyalty50000
Cowboys 60's ThrowbackPremium0Uniform: 2012 Throwback 1960's Blue
Cris CarterLegendary2500
Curtis MartinLegendary2500
Dallas CowboysTeams0
Dallas CowboysCoaches0Head Coach: Jason Garrett
Dan DierdorfLegendary0 Player: Dan Dierdorf
Dan MarinoLegendary0 Player: Dan Marino
Dave CasperLegendary0 Player: Dave Casper
Day 1 HolidayPromo1000
Day 10 HolidayPromo1000
Day 11 HolidayPromo1000
Day 12 HolidayPromo1000
Day 2 HolidayPromo1000
Day 3 HolidayPromo1000
Day 4 HolidayPromo1000
Day 5 HolidayPromo1000
Day 6 HolidayPromo1000