Collect all 16 AFC team collectibles to earn 85,000 coins and a Pro Pack.
Name Type Team Price Description
San Diego Chargers Collectible---San Diego Chargers
Oakland Raiders Collectible---Oakland Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs Collectible---Kansas City Chiefs
Denver Broncos Collectible---Denver Broncos
Tennessee Titans Collectible---Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars Collectible---Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts Collectible---Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans Collectible---Houston Texans
Pittsburgh Steelers Collectible---Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns Collectible---Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals Collectible---Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens Collectible---Baltimore Ravens
New York Jets Collectible---New York Jets
New England Patriots Collectible---New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins Collectible---Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills Collectible---Buffalo Bills