Collect each All-Madden Playbook collectible to earn 90,000 coins and a Pro Pack.
Name Type Team Price Description
Str I Close Off Tackle Collectible---Strong I Close Off Tackle
Gun Trips TE HB Coun Collectible---Shotgun Trips Tight End HB Counter
I Twin TE FB Dive Collectible---I Form Twin Tight End FB Dive
Weak I Twins FB Dive Collectible---Weak I Twins FB Dive
I Twin TE HB Stretch Collectible---I Twin Tight End HB Stretch
Power I HB Stretch Collectible---I Normal HB Stretch
Gun Tight All Crosses Collectible---Shotgun Tight All Crosses
I Twin Tight End TE Post Collectible---I Form Twin Tight End TE Post
I Pro HB Angle Collectible---I Form Pro HB Angle
Single Back Bunch, Y Trail Collectible---Single Back Bunch, Y Trail
Gun Bunch Hail Mary Collectible---Gun trips tight end PA Deep Attack
Quarter Zone Blitz Collectible---Full House Triple Option Switch
3-4 Zone Sting Pinch Zone Collectible---3-4 Zone Sting Pinch Zone
46 Bear Wall Stunt Collectible---46 Bear Wall Stunt
5-2 Normal Cover 1 Collectible---5-2 Normal Cover 1
Nickel 3-3-5 2 man under Collectible---Nickel 3-3-5  2 man under
3-3-5 Bear Cover 2 Collectible---3-3-5 Bear Cover 2
Quarter Man Up 3 Deep Collectible---Quarter Man Up 3 Deep