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Help design the Muthead community Ultimate Ticket! Over the next several days, we will be posting multiple rounds of voting to determine nearly every aspect of our Ultimate Ticket. Voting is done by Tweeting a hashtag we have created for each option. Just click the button below for the option you choose and we'll pre-fill the Tweet for you. When all votes are cast, EA Sports will create our Ultimate Ticket and release it in Madden Ultimate Team!

The Ultimate Ticket's Position

  • QB
  • HB
  • WR
  • TE
  • DE
  • DT
  • OLB
  • MLB
  • CB
  • S

The Ultimate Ticket's Player

  • Winner

The Ultimate Ticket's Chemistry Ability

  • Winner

The Ultimate Ticket's Chemistry Types (2)

  • Winner
  • Winner

The Ultimate Ticket's Rating Upgrades (5)

  • THP
  • PAC
  • TOR
  • TAD
  • TAM
  • TAS
  • ELU
  • JKM
  • SFA
  • CAR