Zan's Corner: Why You Don't Need Playmaker Ability


Welcome back to ZAN's Corner, Episode 19.


Today we talk about how "showing your numbers" to the QB allows you complete control of a wide receiver or tight end on a playmaker. This year, EA implemented the "Playmaker" ability on certain pass catchers that gives you full control of their cut direction on a playmaker. However, with this tip, you will also have full control of your player. This will make for a very useful tool against those pesky cross-man coverages that everyone run on defense, as you can read the field and adjust by playmakering your pass-catcher in the direction of open turf rather than having to guess pre-snap.


As always, drop your questions, comments, concerns, or complaints below and I'll be sure to answer as many as I can!


See you next week with ZAN's Corner 20!


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