Vote for Muthead's Community Ultimate Ticket!


EA Sports has given us the opportunity to work together as a community to decide nearly every aspect of our very own Ultimate Ticket. You can participate by checking out our landing page and casting your vote:


Muthead Community Ultimate Ticket Vote


Voting will run over the course of 3 days. Today we will be voting on the Ultimate Ticket's position. Based on the results, we will post the player selection round of voting tomorrow. On Thursday, we will be deciding the player's ratings upgrades and chemistry types.


Ultimate Ticket voting is taking place on Twitter. You can click the buttons on our voting page and we'll pre-fill a tweet for you. Each Tweet has a hashtag that corresponds to the option you choose. We are monitoring all of the hashtags and those that get the most Twitter mentions will win. There is no limit on how many times you can vote in a round.


Check back over the next few days to vote in every round. What Ultimate Ticket do you hope the Muthead community will choose?


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