Zan's Corner: Cover 4 "Box" vs. Bunch


Welcome back to ZAN's Corner, Episode 17!


This week, we break down a unique way to defend the Gun Bunch Wk offense that is popularized by players such as Skimbo and Boogz at the Madden Challenge Series. This is an offense that everyone has faced multiple times in Madden 17, and it remains to be a difficult thing to stop. This tip is designed to mimic one of the popular ways of defending bunched/compressed formations in the NFL.


By using 4 defenders to create a "box" vs. a 3-receiver bunch, you will have a mathematical advantage that puts you in a spot to better defend this set. By mixing up the Cover 4 "Box" with a pressure look, such as the Nickel Normal, you will be able to further magnify this numbers advantage as players will block their TE/HB to protect against a potential blitz.


As always, post any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints below & I'll answer as many as possible!


See you next week with ZAN's Corner 18!


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