Name Position Team OVR
Steve McNair Ultimate Legend Limited Edition QBTEN99
Zack Martin Offensive Pro Edition OGDAL99
Ray Nitschke Ultimate Legend Limited Edition MLBGB99
Marcus Peters Defensive Pro Edition CBKC99
Marshawn Lynch Ultimate Legend Limited Edition HBSEA99
Tom Brady Super Bowl LI MVP Edition QBNE99
Michael Vick Career Tribute Edition QBATL99
Jerry Rice Super Bowl Legend Edition WRSF99
Malcolm Butler Super Bowl Limited Edition CBNE99
Julio Jones Super Bowl Limited Edition WRATL99
Von Miller Super Bowl Legend Edition LBDEN99
Bob Sanders Super Bowl Limited Edition SIND99
John Elway Super Bowl Legend Edition QBDEN99
Randy White Super Bowl Legend Edition DTDAL99
Russell Wilson Super Bowl Limited Edition QBSEA99
Antonio Freeman Super Bowl Legend Edition WRGB99
Marcus Allen Super Bowl Limited Edition HBOAK99
Rob Gronkowski Mobile Master Edition TENE99
Von Miller Domination Edition LBDEN99
Darnell Dockett Ultimate Legend Edition DTARI98
Dontari Poe Kings of the Gridiron Special Edition DTKC98
Bruce Irvin Kings of the Gridiron Special Edition LBOAK98
Derrick Johnson Kings of the Gridiron Special Edition MLBKC98
Marcus Mariota Kings of the Gridiron Special Edition QBTEN98